Commingling Mailing

Commingling of mail for discounted postage rates can be a confusing process to understand but in reality it is simplified with an experienced and efficient presort bureau. To begin to understand mail commingling, let’s look at the definition of commingle according to Merriam Webster. The definition of COMMINGLE is:

Transitive verb
     ·  To blend thoroughly into a harmonious whole

This definition is accurate because with mail commingling, mail sources from various customers are combined into one whole mailing. For example, Customer ABC may have 20,000 pieces of mail. Customer DEF may have 500 and Customer HIJ may have 2,000 and Customer KLM may have 300 pieces. By combining all of this mail into one mailing, the total volume of the mailing becomes 22,800 pieces.

The reason commingling multiple sources of mail are important is very simple; the United States Postal Service (USPS) has rules and regulations in order to obtain postage discounts. Let’s take a look at how the USPS rules are set and how commingling benefits all mailers.


Example 1 :

The minimum volume set by the USPS to obtain Presorted First Class postage rates is 500 pieces. In the customer example above, if Customer KLM entered their 300 piece mailing as a separate mailing, they would not qualify for any discounted rates and would have to pay full First Class postage (currency $0.46). But with commingling, their 300 pieces along with 22,500 other pieces would result in them receiving the Presorted First Class postage rates as low as $0.360 per piece for a discount of $0.10 per piece.


Example 2 :

The minimum number of pieces required to obtain the 5-digit Presorted First Class postage rate of $0.360 per piece is 150 pieces. Let’s use the customer examples above.  Customer ABC has 25 pieces of mail going to zip code 30303; Customer DEF has 0 pieces going to 30303. Customer HIJ has 25 pieces going to 30303, and Customer KLM has 125 pieces going to 30303. So the total volume destined for zip code 30303 with the commingled mail is 175 pieces which is 25 pieces above the 150 piece USPS minimum. Because the total count exceeds the minimum, all three of these customers will now receive the 5-digit Presorted First Class postage rate of $0.360 per piece. Had each of these mailers mailed on their own, none of them would have qualified any mail for a discount for the pieces destined for zip 30303.

Example 1 above shows how the larger mailers helped the smaller mailer yet Example 2 shows the smaller mailing helping the larger mailers. Mail commingling is truly a work share process and in the end every mailer saves.

So how does it really work?
You process your mail the way you always have except you meter at a lower postage rate. Dependable Mail Services will pick your mail up, return it to their facility, and process the mail on Multi-line Optical Character Readers (MLOCR) that will OCR scan the address, find it in the USPS database, and print the correct INTELLIGENT MAIL BARCODE on the mail piece and sort to the appropriate bin by zip code.
It truly is that simple for you to begin saving money!

In addition to saving money, another advantage to using a Dependable Mail Services is that your mail may be delivered faster due to the INTELLIGENT MAIL BARCODE being placed on the mail piece and the fact that it is already sorted by zip code. This work that is done allows the USPS to reduce handling and processing and is in fact the sole reason the USPS offers discounts to mailers who reduce their workload.

If you currently aren’t commingling your mail, talk to Dependable Mail Services today to discuss this process because the postage savings can be substantial.