Presort F.A.Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the Intelligent Mail® Barcode (IMB) and how does that impact my mail?

The Intelligent Mail® Barcode is a 65-bar USPS barcode used to sort and track letters and flats. Unlike the POSTNET barcode that only contains the delivery point ZIP Code, the new IMB contains additional fields like the Mailer ID which expands your ability to track individual pieces and provides greater visibility into the mail stream. All First Class mail will be required to be submitted into the mailstream with this Intelligent Mail® Barcode beginning in January 2014. Mailers can also request USPS services like tracking and address correction all in one barcode. The Intelligent Mail® Barcode allows us to number your mail so that you can uniquely identify each mail piece in your mailing.

Q.2 Do you only serve large companies?

No. Any size company can benefit from our services. Your company only needs a daily average of 500 pieces to take advantage of the savings along with faster processing and delivery.

Q.3 How do I get my mail to your business?

You don’t. All of our clients are assigned a driver who will pick up your mail at a specific time each day. Our routes include Georgia and the surrounding states.

Q.4 If I’m not on a particular route, can you add one?

Yes, in most cases we will add routes and drivers as needed to efficiently service all of our clients.

Q.5 Is my mail secure?

Yes. We take our security very serious at Dependable Mail Services. We don’t outsource couriers or drivers. We go above and beyond other competitors by using a rigorous security process of checks and balances. We own our fleet of vehicles and track your mail and our couriers in real-time every day. Every employee of Dependable Mail Services from drivers to mail-processors, go through an extensive background check and drug screening.

Q.6 Does Presorted Mail have to be metered?

No, Presorted First Class Mail must either be metered or be imprinted with a qualifying First Class Presort indicia (permit).

Q.7 Will my mail get there faster?

Absolutely. Faster processing means faster delivery. When DMS processes your mail, it enters the postal stream at the head of the line, thus delivery can be shortened by at least two days on the average.

Q.8 What if I have a large number of address changes?

No problem. Our NCOALink & UMove®  system contains millions of permanent change of address records. This allows us to automatically make the address change and apply the new address and Intelligent Mail Barcode.

Q.9 What if my company does not have a mailroom?

Not an issue. We can provide metering services on a daily basis. We can also act as an emergency backup mail center if you do not have a mailroom and need support.

Q.10 What if I have a unique mail problem that doesn’t fall into your service categories?

We do our best to find a solution. Our staff has more than 60 years of experience in the mailing industry. Our wealth of knowledge combined with our numerous postal contacts, can get you answers and solutions quickly and hassle-free.