Presort Mail Services

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Our Siemens Multiple Line Optical Character Recognition (MLOCR) sorters are CASS / MASS certified by the United States Postal Service® to barcode / sort your mail, which in turn allows DMS to move your mail into the postal system faster and at a reduced rate.


DMS is one of the MLOCR processing plants, which has been certified by the USPS for Full-Service IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) compliance.


DMS also offers USPS certified UMove address information services, which processes the mail through an NCOALink database supplied to us by the USPS online, while applying intelligent mail barcodes. This database updates and automatically sends your mail to the new delivery addresses of any recipient who has changed their address and has filed a Change of Address Request with the USPS.


DMS can schedule pick-ups for daily, weekly, monthly or on an “as needed” basis. Your mail will be commingled with hundreds of thousands of other mail pieces to ensure the highest levels of postal discounting available.


DMS is a detached plant load facility. An onsite USPS clerk verifies all discounted, full service, and special service mail produced within DMS.
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There are virtually no costs for services, only savings.

Presort Price Table

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